Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In October, my daughter Tara, sister-in-law Stephanie and I went to Chicago to visit my son Tosh. He has lived there for about 7 years and I haven't ever visited him, I know, bad mother. He was a great tour guide and took us where ever we wanted. The first day we got off the plane and went straight for the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! First things first! Then we went downtown to the Magnificent Mile, after traveling on the L-train, we started walking down Michigan Ave., in front of the Chicago Tribune building I noticed a small group of people with a Big man standing near them (A Body Guard I guess). Then I thought I recognized one of them, yes it was her, the smile gave it away! Giada De Laurentis.... Foodnetwork Chef!!! One of my favorites!! I was such a tourist groupie, I said " I've got to shake your hand or something!" Her publicist said "Sure" She was so cute and polite, we took pictures and they invited us back the next day for a Cookbook signing. Next we walked our legs off shopping "The Mile". I think it might of been about 5 miles!
The next day we decided would be the Museum excersion. We started at Navy Pier where we took a Boat Tour of Chicago Architecture. We saw all the different styles of tall buildings known to man. The Chicago River has been known for it's pollution as well as a waterway to see the sights! We road the ferris wheel at the pier and then caught a cab to the Aquarium and Natural History Museum. The cab drivers last name made me a bit nervous (Hussain) but we got there without any problems. We needed to waste some time before our dinner reservation so we went back down town. Later we jumped back on the L and headed for Glenn's Diner, which we had seen on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. It was all it was cracked up to be! Wonderful Seafood, Tosh had Marlin, I had Mussels (YUM), Tara had Catfish on a Cornbread Shrimp stuffing, and Steph had Lobster alfredo. To DIE for!!
To be Continued........

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Heritage-Mink Creek

Last Thursday Chris and I took Tosh to the airport in SLC and decided to take the scenic route home. After traveling through Park City, Evanston, and Garden City we took the Pass Road turnoff in Ovid that runs through Mink Creek. Mink Creek was settled by my Great-Grandfather James Morgan Keller. He had 5 wives and 42 children. We decend from his 5th wife Anna Petrea Larson, whom he contracted with to bring her from Denmark to the US. When she arrived, she pleaded with him to break the contract and let her be with the man she had fallen in love with while traveling on the ship. He would not break the contract and she became the 5th wife. She was not well recieved by the other wives, as she was younger and we think prettier than themselves. The cemetary at Mink Creek is full of Kellers and sons and daughters of Kellers. We are hoping to take the whole Family to Mink Creek and visit with some of the other family members still living there who know more of the history of this great man. He is just a sample of the Pioneer heritage we claim to be proud of. His family left Denmark in search of a Country where the freedom of religion would allow them to worship as they wished.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of JULY

This is definately the first time I've had 4th of July pics before August. Not to mention all the Red White & Blue outfits I have bought for the perfect photo... that was never taken. Well here we go!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well It's been 6 months and I'm very sorry!! We are finally getting nice weather here and able to enjoy our yard. I got to finally plant flowers without worrying that they would freeze if they got left out. We didn't do much for a vegetable garden just tomatoes and zucchini. We had a great time out at Summit Creek like always. It was a little cold, but the memories that we have with our family is far beyond measure. Chris had to work Memorial weekend so we went the following weekend to ride four wheelers and just enjoy each others company. Chris is also working full time again so he could buy him a nice new to us truck. It is a red 2008 Dodge. He hasn't quit smiling since it got home, he is like a little kid. I hope that my posts aren't as few and far between in the future.

Friday, January 8, 2010


It would appear that nothing has been going on in our house for a long time. Time just seems to fly by. I've been substitute teaching for the past few months and am really enjoying it. Sometimes it makes me feel young again and other times it makes me feel old as dirt! Today we were watching a movie and the peoples clothing made it very apparent that it was filmed in the 70's, unfortunately I could relate to the poofy hair, big lense glasses, and polyester wear and had to just endure the kids snickering about it. All in all I wouldn't trade my era for the current one for anything. The things that they have to face, and make decisions about make my youth look like a cakewalk.

Sadly, Chris has been put back on the weekend schedule at work, I really miss having someone to go to Church with. At least the Lord knew that and I got a new calling in the Primary. I'm the lucky CTRA 7 year old teacher!!! It will be fun to see how excited they will be to get Baptized!! There are 4 little girls that are there all the time and a couple boys who aren't so active. We should have a real good time..

The holidays were great and it was sure fun to spend extra time with Family. I'm so lucky to have family close. My siblings get together almost every week and we try to support each other in extracurricular activities too! We have a great group of Athletes coming up! Not forgetting to mention dancers, piano players, Star wars guys, and Princesses. We love to spend time together and are always making up reasons to see each other. We know that this is what our Dad would want us to do. He so loved playing cards, ball and roasting Hot Dogs, and mostly his family.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BRAG TIME.......

Tara took the kiddos to get their pictures done by and WOW they turned out great!! I can't wait to get a disc so I can print them off for my very own!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Kara Jackson, Miss Idaho 2009 visited a few
Bingham County Classrooms today! She is
sponsored by The Idaho Farm Bureau
Her platform for Miss America is about supporting agriculture. She has been traveling around doing Ag in the Classroom presentations.
Since my brother Kendall is a Farm Bureau Public Relations man, and Chris Dalley is the Young Farmer and Rancher Chairman they brought her to their daughters schools for a special assembly while she was in town for the fair parade. They went to SR Middle School, Riverside and Rockford Elementary's along with
others. At Rockford Kendalls daughter Kwynn just happens to be in my sister's (Mrs. Baldwin) class and so they got a special treat. Kara came into their class and read a book and then helped them each make a bracelet with beads representing the things that plants need to grow. They kids (especially the goo goo eyed boys) really thought it was neat! She left them all an autographed picture. She is a real sweet girl and instilled in the kids a knowledge of how much a role agriculture plays in the lives of Idahoans. Did you know that MILK is Idahos number 1 money crop! Naturally most of us think it must be potatoes. I also learned about more cash crops that we don't think about, mint & trout, to name a couple. I hope the kids learned as much as I did. I was lucky that they let me visit and enjoy this special day!